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tr.v. em·ployed , em·ploy·ing , em·ploys 1. a. To provide work to for pay: agreed to employ the job applicant. b.

Employ employee meaning

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to provide work or occupation for; keep busy; occupy: collecting stamps employs a lot of his time. 3. to use as a means: to employ secret measures to get one's ends. n. Employee definition, a person working for another person or a business firm for pay.

Swedish Meaning, anställd, arbetstagare, löntagare, tjänsteman, befattningshavare,. a worker who is hired to perform a job / One employed by  Translation and Meaning of employee in Almaany English-Swedish Dictionary.

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To engage the attention or activity of; The use of employ in the sense of employment (in certain contexts) is essentially idiomatic-literary. It is used in set phrases, idiomatic expressions and for 'effect' to … employ definition: 1. to have someone work or do a job for you and pay them for it: 2.

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Employ employee meaning

Employee definition, a person working for another person or a business firm for pay. See more. employ verb [T] (PROVIDE WORK) to pay someone to work or do a job for you: The factory employs 87 workers. employ verb [T] (USE) An employee is hired for a specific job or to provide labor in the service of someone else (the employer). When an individual begins a long-term working relationship with a business, that person usually becomes an employee, though there are exceptions. employ / ɪmˈplɔɪ / vb (transitive) to engage or make use of the services of (a person) in return for money; hire to provide work or occupation for; keep busy; occupy : collecting stamps employs a lot of his time Employee An employee is a person who works for an organization or a company on a part-time or full-time basis and receives compensation for the services rendered in form of a salary. However, not every individual who offers his or her services to an organization or company gets compensation for the rendered services can be considered an employee.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Employment employee em‧ploy‧ee / ɪmˈplɔɪ-iː, ˌemplɔɪˈiː / S2 W2 noun [countable] BE WORKER someone who is paid to work for someone else SYN worker a government employee COLLOCATIONS adjectives a full-time/part-time employee We now have 110 full-time employees. a permanent/temporary employee Some of the temporary Employees can organize into trade or labor unions, which represent the workforce to collectively bargain with the management of organizations about working, and contractual conditions and services. Ending employment. Usually, either an employee or employer may end the relationship at any time, often subject to a certain notice period.

More example sentences. English to Bangla Meaning :: employ. Employ : চাকরী. Pronunciation: employ, employable, employed, employee, employees, employer, employers,  contractor. What does this mean?

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In times of great economic difficulty, those seeking employment in a competitive job market  15 Aug 2018 But, not all workers you hire and pay are employees. You must determine the worker's classification. Employee definition graphic. When you are  10 Aug 2018 Scope of employment refers to the liability of an employer for an employee's actions.

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Do I want to use it to hunt sea mines? So like, my job as employee, number one, as unsexy as it was, was like buy a cell  this is be cool 8) generic estradiol gel All this means huge sums of money moving But while younger workers are struggling to find full-time employment, older  Legal Consequences of Not Paying Employees on Time Employer Meaning In Business Law Small Business 101 - the definition of employee benefits. Definition of employee. : one employed by another usually for wages or salary and in a position below the executive level. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about employee.