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Liking of all. everyone's liking. everyone's delight. everyone's gratification. everyone's joy. everyone's satisfaction.

Mutual agreement meaning

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When they do, the mutual obligations to perform contractual obligations come to an  रफ़्तार शब्दकोश; Raftaar Dictionary. रफ़्तार पर उपलब्ध करायी जा रही भाषा आधारित सेवाएं हिंदी  1.1 “Agreement” means this Technical Support Agreement. any breach of your representations and warranties under Section 6.1 (Mutual Representations). 27 Jun 2012 General terms concerning conformity assessment used in this Framework Agreement and the Sectoral MRAs shall have the meaning given in the  Separation, in law, mutual agreement by a husband and a wife to discontinue living together.

3 → mutual agreement/consent 4 → mutual friend/interest Examples from the Corpus mutual • He was very A Mutual Separation Agreement is effectively an agreement between the employer and employee setting out the terms and conditions of an employee’s termination of employment.

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By definition, “mutual” means that something is shared by two or more parties. A mutual agreement or contract binds two or more entities. Each party agrees to take – or not take – certain actions. The terms of the agreement are acceptable to both or all of them.

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Mutual agreement meaning

mutual accord. mutual basis. mutual consultation.

in agreement with each other. informal. adj.
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mutual respect / support / understanding. Our relationship was based on mutual distrust. by mutual agreement: He said his contract was cancelled by mutual agreement.

In contract law, when we say that the parties have reached a “mutual agreement” or there is “mutual consent”, we refer to the fact that the parties have reached an understanding that may be the basis of an oral or written contract. By definition, “mutual” means that something is shared by two or more parties. A mutual agreement or contract binds two or more entities.
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Mutual agreement - Engelska - Tagalog Översättning och

Synonyms for Mutual agreement. 255 other words - similar meaning Usually what a "mutual agreement to arbitrate claims" means that if you decide to sue the company or had a claim against them that you and the company have decided to have an "arbitrator" and not the court system settle your differences. This also means that if you lose the arbitration hearing, you will not be able to persue it in court.

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Found 4264 sentences matching phrase "mutual agreement".Found in 50 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Something to take note of with this type of agreement is that it is a mutual agreement. This means that neither party can disclose the information instead of simply limiting one party from doing so. This is an important distinction because it changes the reasons for using it. Synonyms for Mutual Agreement (other words and phrases for Mutual Agreement). Log in.